One Love 4 Kids, Inc is a federally charted charitable organization founded in 2010 to provide education, heath and economic support at at risk children and families so that they can live productive lives and be more hopeful about their future. We strive to provide support especially children who are disable and/or need medical assistance.

Our services include tutoring programs, summer literacy and meal programs, annual community holiday gift giving events for children in need. One Love 4 Kids had an annual summer literacy and meal program that serves 30 – 60 children per session. Since 2010 we have served more than 2000 children in Jamaica and the US.


One Love 4 Kids is focused on providing a better future for children.  We work to support children in the Maryland DC area and Jamaica.  Because we recognized that children need tools to build relationships that will assist them in creating a global society where boundaries will not be a deterrent is the good deeds that are performed, we often partner with agencies, community groups domestically and internationally.


Our goal is to create a fully educated and empowered society by providing at risk children and children living in poverty opportunities to excel academically.   Our belief is that with early support  and  intervention services children can break free from inter generational poverty, crime, abuse and neglect. We work closely with children, families, schools and community agencies, providing direct and indirect services that aim to remove barriers to education and assist children in achieving academic and life success.