One Love 4 Kids relies as donations from business, individual and foundation to carry out our work.   Please donate and become a cooperate partner today!


DONATE $10,000.00  $10, 000.00 will help us provide $100,000.00 worth of supplies to children in need through our partnership with Kids in Distressed Situations.

DONATE $15,000.00

$15,000.00 will allow us to provide nutritious meals to needy children and families in our local community.

DONATE $25,000.00

Your generous gift of $25,000.00 will allow us to provide educational support to 100 children for 1 year.

DONATE $50,000.00

Your gift of $50,000.00 will help us provide STEM tutoring  and nutritious meals to more than 200 at risk students and local families for 1 year.

DONATE $75,000.00

A gift of $75,000.00 will allow us to provide SCHOLARSHIPS, MENTORING, TRAINING and resources to 100 children and families for 1 year.

DONATE $150,000.00

Your contribution of $150,000 will keep us operating for 1 fiscal year.  With your help we can tutor, feed, mentor and provide resources to children and families.